Five major aspects to study in Netherlands

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  • Work Opportunities

    #1 Europe's most competitive economies..

    After graduating from universities in the Netherlands, most students have one major goal in mind: finding a job. It's important to think about your employment opportunities after you complete your studies, especially if you are studying and living abroad. Students who study in the Netherlands tend to want to stay forever so, after graduating, they set out to get a job and stay there for a long time. With one of Europe's most competitive economies, getting a job after studying in the Netherlands is not only possible, it's highly likely!

  • Affordable Education

    #2 International standards of excellence

    Studying in the Netherlands is not that expensive, compared with other English-speaking countries such as the UK or US. Dutch higher education is subsidized by the government and tuition fees are relatively low. With the country’s renowned standard of education and comparatively low cost of living, studying in the Netherlands will give you true value for money. Annual tuition fees for a degree program or course at a Dutch higher education institution start at approximately €1,900 for EU students and €6,000 for non-EU students, depending on the institution.

  • Global orientation

    #3 Some of the world’s biggest and best companies..

    International orientation will be underscored by the fact that every year the Netherlands welcomes students from over 160 different countries. Moreover, Dutch society is strongly connected to other cultures and the international business community. The Dutch are also open-minded and direct, making it easy to meet them and exchange ideas. Language need never be a problem in the Netherlands. Dutch universities offer the largest number of English-taught programmes in continental Europe. And with 95 per cent of Dutch people being able to speak English, you’ll never be lost for words here.

  • Education Standards

    #4 widens the scope even further

    Education in the Netherlands is one of the oldest and most reputable higher education systems in the world. With many universities in the Netherlands placing highly in the global rankings, it’s no wonder that study abroad in the Netherlands has been so popular. Additionally, education in the Netherlands offers an inclusive global learning environment. The Dutch educational system is of high quality and Dutch universities are acknowledged worldwide for their well-designed, modern courses and facilities. The teaching style focuses on teamwork, which makes it easy for international students in the Netherlands to meet Dutch people as well as other international students.

  • Multicultural Society :

    Inclusive, supportive learning environments

    Lots of cities in the Netherlands are very open-minded, filled with international students who are definitely enjoying their time in the country and also learning a lot about the Netherlands and her people. The international students who study in the Netherlands come from 190 different countries. The Dutch are open-minded and quite direct, making it easy to make contact with Dutch people and exchange ideas. This makes international students feel welcome in the Netherlands.

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