Five major aspects to study in Malaysia

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    #1 International students to find a job

    Students who decide to study abroad in Malaysia are allowed to work on a part-time basis during semester breaks, festive holidays or more than seven days of holiday for a maximum of 20 hours a week. The University is required to submit a quarterly report to the Immigration Department about the students’ academic progress.


    #2 Living cost relatively low..

    Living costs in Malaysia are relatively low compared with many other destinations. Universities award funding to prospective postgraduate students depending on a range of factors, so to find out what funding might be available to you, make sure you get in touch with your chosen university.


    #3 Extremely professional and affordable health care

    Malaysia is well-developed — roads are well-paved and public transportation in cities and across the country is cheap and extensive. International students in Malaysia will also find extremely professional and affordable health care. Malaysia has a very developed, inexpensive and convenient transportation system which connects to all the interesting cities, towns, villages and other places for the students to explore..


    #4 widens the scope, with a strong research focus

    Malaysia takes great pride in maintaining extremely high standards of teaching and learning. Malaysian universities also have a strong research focus. Many universities in Malaysia have strong links with industry, meaning that you will be able gain practical experience alongside your degree. This not only makes your time studying more interesting, it can also mean that you will find employment more easily.


    Malaysia more congenial for international students.

    On the whole, Malaysians are friendly, welcoming and love to socialise. The country is a contrasting blend of people from around the world with a vast number of ideologies. This makes Malaysia more congenial for international students. Opportunities to study in Malaysia for international students offer the chance for profound personal insight into how diversity and coexistence manifest in an especially peaceful and beautiful way!

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